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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


i just gotta love Jackson's 3rd grade teacher. She had just returned to school last Fall after having a new baby, so I sent in a " gift " for her when Jackson started school. Since then, she has ordered seven of these baby wipes cases...and has 1 more to order ( waiting on baby gender)... THANK YOU ... Jackson's teacher....and Thank You , Annette for telling me how to make these stinkin' cute covered wipes cases! ( Ha ! did you catch the pun !)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

How my kids see me...

So, I shut myself in the bathroom, and began acting silly ! Wondered what I looked like to my kids... as I am always snapping pictures of them ! Always behind the camera, capturing those precious moments! Enjoy !

Art in the Valley.....

This week is the district wide Art show. Grant had a piece of his artwork selected to be on display this year ! Very exciting ! So, we headed up to the High School to check it all out !

This is his Piece. There is an incredible amount of talent displayed here. Jackson was very impressed by the graphic design pieces!

Jackson being inspired.... I am suspecting we will see some form of skateboard art around our house soon.

Jackson also had a class project selected to be on display at the district office. This is his Native American project. The district sends letters out announcing that "your child's work" has been selected.... and that is really neat to see their response and I am always so proud to admire their abilities !

Thursday, May 14, 2009

another cupcake ...

Made another cupcake tonight ! I'm thinkin... I may make a few of these "treats" along with a few fabric journals and.... hmmm, if I could only find the time or steal the time ! I'd love to sell on Etsy ! We'll see. My resources for extra income have expired with school only weeks away from Summer break. I had been keeping a neighborhood friend's daughter after half day kindergarten... and working in the childcare for MOPS at my church once a month. I can always work on the weekends, which is what I do... but when my boys are playing ball, I try not to miss a game and I haven't worked my "real" job since March ( I think)... So, I may try it one day soon... list on Etsy.

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Mother's Day...

Ahh! Luscious GREEN ! We haven't seen , for months now. I love you, Green ! You see, when trees sleep for the Winter, and there is no green for months, it is oh so soothing to the eyes. I can truly appreciate simple things , such as beautiful green trees & foilage, now that I live through 4 seasons !

Mother's Day, we decided to go on a hike along a trail at Valley Forge. An absolute essential for hiking is a good walking stick

ME... The Mommy ! Mom ! I am the Mother ! With my 3 little "sillies".
( behind the camera this time... The Dad !).

Madelyn love this " exploring " hiking/adventure ! Did you know, there is a new Fancy Nancy book... " Explorer Extraordinare " ?

Hope you enjoyed your day too !
My favorite were their precious handmade cards ! Oh, and hearing them tell me
" Happy Mother's Day " So glad I get to be their mom ! : )

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Self Portrait challenge....Happy Mother's Day !

I have come across a few self portrait projects on blogs... and challenges... if you wish... you can take a look at what I found, HERE and HEREand this one HERE and I am challenging any of you who read... to take as many photos of you , with you included... as you can this weekend ! After all, it is Mother's Day ! It is Sunday, and like most of you, I will be attending church on that day, and should have hair and make up complete along with my better clothes on ! But if you are really up for a challenge, why not " self portrait" document the week following Mother's Day ... doing what you do... being the mom you are... good days/ bad days/ crazy days ! Happy Mother's Day .. to all you amazing MOMS !

Monday, May 4, 2009

Friday, May 1, 2009

more give aways....

So, I'm " blog hopping" and I discovered 2 more give aways listed today... Go to the right sidebar on my blog and look under " People & Places " and these are links that will carry you to ... Donna Downey Blog and Emily Falconbridge blog.. just click on and check out what they are giving away! Also, check this one out... HERE

The Winner of Prayer Journal ....

We received a package from " Nanny" (my mom) today. The usual contents of these care packages are for the kids. Today, I received a special "happy". It's a Vera Bradley tea cup... that will be used for coffee, for sure! Isn't it pretty! So, I printed the comments and folded them tightly and threw them in the cup....

And this is Grant drawing a name.....

And the winner is ... " Donna " ! Congratulations ! Thanks to all who submitted a comment and scripture verse, I will be using them all in my journal ! ( which is the brown one !) If you are interested in a journal, you can contact me by E mail. Donna, I'll be in touch with you !
Have a Great weekend !