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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ooh la la

Me & Maddy talk alot in the language of " Fancy " as in " Fancy Nancy " . So, I just think that this new fabric is " Oooh La La ! " Soooo Pretty ! I am lovin' Heather Baily and Amy Butler !

The very first sewing project , though , was pirate bean bags for the " pirate party" that Grant just had ! Very simple , and sort of a " getting to know my machine" project ! Check back , I'll have a few other cute projects to post soon !

Sunday, March 29, 2009

and the winner is..... ME !

I think this is so super cool... I won a RAK over the weekend! I have come across so many of these "give aways" on blogs and toss my name in, and this time I actually won! I am a follower of MiMi's and she mentioned in a post that her SIL was having a prize drawing... check her out ... Susie's blog then check out her website of all this georgous stationary plus more... shop here I think this is what I have coming to me in the mail soon ! This fabulous notepad !

So, yeah... really cool to win. Especially after playing B I N G O on Friday night
with my boys... (school function)... and we won nothing ! na da! That was such a let down for Grant. There were so many prize basket raffles along with the prizes for having B I N G O , and no one at out table won a thing !
Hope you all had a great weekend! I have been busy sewing on my new machine and will post soon what I have made! It's a fun thing to shuffle from paper to paint to fabric ! Just whatever I'm in the mood for !

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Grant !

My little Grant turned 6 on saturday ! He had a pirate party with games, lego building and digging for treasure, oh and the pinata ! It was a beautiful day but still a little cool here. Grant didn't feel so well either, and I was bummed about that. He enjoyed most of the party... We love you Grant !

Monday, March 16, 2009

Life Is Good ....

For my birthday, I did mention 1 thing I would like, when Billy asked. I told him I've been wanting a Life is Good tee. What did I get.... 3 shirts, 2 flip flops,
a tote and a cap ! Thanks Billy , My Kids & Hailey ! : )
Then the biggie... Billy ( with the kids) got me a sewing machine! I'm excited and can't wait to play with it ! Hopefully will post soon a few projects I have had in mind to do ! And so , life is crazy, but good. We are so blessed. I'm deciding to do my best to not let negative thinking into my head... I KNOW how blessed I am , but then the complaining comes in waves, and it can really get the best of you if you stay focused on it ! To share some exciting news ... Jackson's basketball team won the championships ! That last game was really intense... they won by 1 point !
Jackson also took his first snowboarding lesson at Spring Mount. Grant is taking Tae Kwon Do and loving it. Madelyn is taking gymnastics ( not sure if this is a good thing) she swings on all things... climbs on all things... I found her in the bathroom ... swinging from the towell bar ! I had taken towells off to be washed and not gotten them back up yet... you see, she never noticed the BAR before with towells on it... could you imagine... that incident ! SO, life is a bit crazy now, and baseball is starting up for both boys in a few weeks. Jackson is in 3rd this year, he will be taking the PSSA's for the first time, starting on tomorrow ( Tues...
St. Patty's Day...) Wishing him Lots O' LUCK ! ; )

Saturday, March 7, 2009

So far....

So far, this is what I have made with MPCo papers ! A family friend had surgery last weekend and I baked some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and like I love to do , altered the Quaker Oats container to put the cookies in ... along with a get well card. I have so many ideas , and I am just " itching' to C R E A T E ... to lock myself in my scrap room and hide out ! Hopefully I can post some other projects soon ! Oh, and may it be noted that we enjoyed 73 degree weather in PA today, crazy because we just had a snow day on this past Monday ! But, I love it ! I do know that it's not yet Spring and the cold weather will return... but I'll soak it all in untill then ! Enjoy your Weekend !

Sunday, March 1, 2009

another Fabulous girl ...

A friend of mine , who I don't get the pleasure of seeing & chatting with anymore... on my run to the Super Wal Mart, because she & her partner sold their scrapbook store....
has launched a paper company with the most beautiful paper line. I just picked my assortment up last week and hoping that today or tomorrow I'll get to create! I've been painting also , so check back in soon. But definatley check Stacy's papers out and digital kits ! All the papers are double sided ! Ask your local scrapbook store to stock them !!! You can always order online too. She has a list of retailers on her website HERE