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Sunday, April 17, 2011

My latest addiction ~

_inside of the cake pop

cake balls ( so yummy )

cake " burgers"

another look inside...

I am having so much fun with this... making cake pops ! Starbucks is now carrying cake pops and after buying Maddy one or two... okay maybe a half dozen or more.... with each time I drive through for my caffeine fix... I decided to " google " cake pops and how to make them... so simple, but there is an art to making them look so pretty and I am working on it... Have you heard of "Bakerella" ? You'll find her HERE and she also has written a "Cake Pop" book. The possibilities are endless... I'll share some I have made so far... please keep in mind,I am working on the creative and " pretty " factor. I also found Bakerella on Youtube... with video instruction & tips ! This is great when you have to make something for a party or for your kids' class.