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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where is Home ?

My family and myself have returned home from our visit "home" to Alabama. Yes, Sweet Home Alabama. This visit was extended to over 2 weeks which is the longest we have stayed since we moved away 5 years ago. Since it was a longer stay, I have pondered the question where is home? Is home where your Heart is? Is home where you are planted. Is home closer to family? It is a difficult question for me with a most uncertain answer. I must say upfront that I refrain from offering too much personal ( probably boring ) information on this blog of mine. If you didn't know this about my family... We relocated to PA 5 years ago. I do love most things here. It is a beautiful place to live. I am so aware of God's creation with appreciation for watching four very distinct seasons morph before my eyes. ( something the South does not get to see ). The snow is beautiful & fun (for a while) . While my heart has always longed to return closer to "home" one day, I have come to terms with the fact Billy's job is here and that my children have close friends here and are involved with community sports and they love their school and they love the snow. It is really difficult living so far away from family. We have had 4 or more medical emergencies involving family members that require a quick travel " home" . Holidays are quiet but sometimes I appreciate not hustling to visit everyone. This visit back to Alabama, my kids surprised me by not wanting to leave. Asking questions like " why can't we live here again? " I did not expect this.

I feel like we have lived in "limbo" since we moved here. We are a family of 5 in very tight living quarters ( a town home). I feel like the more I purge it seems like more new and must have stuff finds it's way into the house & garage, and truthfully, that is very exhausting. Limbo , I say because we want to be in a single family home again and we want to reside in a place within a reasonable driving distance from our families in Alabama. ( 6-8 hours or less is reasonable to me). Where a family emergency does not require a plane ticket "home" . We always have our eyes and ears open to opportunities. I do believe in Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart ; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
I believe in "You are here, exactly where you are suppose to be." or something to that affect. So, until an opportunity presents itself and we can trust in God that it is part of HIS plan for us... I will stay in limbo.

You never know where life will take you. I never dreamed that I would be watching my kids snowboard down Spring Mount and make snow angels instead of sand castles. I am such a warm weather girl ! You begin to love what your kids love ( what makes them happy makes you happy ). And this is my heart today spilled onto this computer monitor. Any and all insightful comments are welcome. Enjoy your weekend.