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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Will blog again....

Life is crazy busy this Month ! All 3 kids are playing ball and the boys are performing in their school's variety show. Life is ... ball games , ball practice, variety show practice, league day , parade, picture day, more ball games, variety show prop design for Jackson and costumes for 1st grade. Fishing Derby and hikes for Scouting. 4th grade field trips, school Art show, and Social Studies projects. Orders for baby wipes cases and heat wraps and my new found craft... bottle cap jewelry and glass tile pendants. Studying photography basics and editing. I have a few pictures posted on my FB of various activities.
I will blog again soon.... and post pictures of all the busy ~ ness ! Hope you are having a wonderful Spring ! Check back later !

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I am so thrilled that Easter in PA this year was a warm one ! We have hunted eggs in snow flurries before. It is not unusual to be dressed in your Easter's best but bundled up in Winter coats! I am forever thankful for this georgous weather we had on Easter and the days before and after. I hope your Easter was splendid too !

Easter Re cap

Our church held an Easter Fun Fair the weekend before Easter.

Maddy with Mrs. Easter Bunny.

The kids on the back of the #89 Ladder truck.