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Thursday, June 25, 2009

I love this !

This is my first attempt at an entirely fabric album ! I made for my cousin who graduated HS this year. Can't wait to give it to her! I am so inspired by Donna Downey. LOVE all of her fabric projects! I gotta make one for myself ! So, you can buy " photo fabric" at the craft stores , I used a heavy canvas for the pages , pretty fabric for the front & back and alot of fabric accents! I used artist canvas for the tags and captions. not sure if you're able to read any of them, you should be able to click on an image to enlarge! I tried to make it a mini book of memories , great quotes, scripture verses etc... ( advise for life, perhaps) I saw a funny card the other day it read... " take my advise, I'm not using it!" now that's funny ! Enjoy !

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 24, 1995

Happy Anniversary ! Married for 14 years today ! Together for 17 years ! WOW !
I love this guy !

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jon & Kate or ( Kate - Jon)...

I really used to be a fan of this show. I read her book ( Multiple Blessings) and bought into their story. Truly believed they were an authentic family and admired the two of them , their teamwork with multiple children, desire to create family traditions, and their devotion to God. I am sad that they are divorcing. It is very sad for their children. So, does anyone else follow the Gosselin family? Watch the show? Read the tabloids? Just curious what your thoughts are...

My anniversary is tomorrow, and marriage is not easy and we all grow and change in relationships. I just think that 10 years and 8 children is such a huge investment to call it quits in a matter of 6,7,or 8 troublesome months. Prayers that they would work it out.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day !

On Saturday we celebrated Father's Day early. Billy got 2 new visors and a Clint Eastwood DVD. Kinda bummed about it raining all day ! We're busy at church most of the day on Sunday. He'll be going O O T again on Monday !

Here he is playing dress up with Maddy ! I just stumbled upon this in action and pleaded for a picture! Isn't he the best ! We love him !

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Indoors Adventure....

Not sure what kind of adventure is going on inside her head, but with the "princess" swim goggles, her brothers laser lights gun in her pretty polka dot PJ's ... she's ready for it ! Too cute.. had to share !
Have A Great Weekend ! Enjoy the Fathers in your life !

Thursday, June 11, 2009

cereal aisle & toilet plungers...

I thought I would share a slice of life with you who read. My life, whose husband is o-o-t quiet a bit lately(this week, in South America!). School schedules are just crazy with Grant dismissing at 10:30 in the morning and Jackson is out at 12:15 I had no time to make my trip to the market... I should say... " supercenter" on thursday morning, before Grant got home.
So, this afternoon, against my better judgement, I loaded all 3 kids in the minivan and off to the market ( supercenter) we went. This trip that is typically made with only one of my children. My 2 boys together ...are partners in crime !

Enter the store. I had explained that no one is to ask me for one single item. I had asked for suggestions on cereal and snacks. First thing that catches Jackson's eye is a beach towell that he MUST have because tomorrow at school, is "beach party"
day and " mom, last year everyone made fun of me" (I question why I am just now hearing of this mockery). SO, okay. Maybe by nine years old most boys have outgrown Power Rangers. But I am NOT buying a $15 AC/DC towell ! ! We have others he can make a selection from when he gets home. ( just gotta dig them out of storage)

Paper Products aisle: As I am trying to decide if I should buy the 8 rolls of paper towells in a pack this week, or just grab a 2 pack and keep moving through the store... My boys are playing with the toilet plungers ( located on that aisle also)
sticking them to the floor, poking at each other with them ! and yes, there are other people on the same aisle watching !

Cereal Aisle... I posed my question again " Have you guys agreed on a cereal yet?"
Of course not, they all want a different one. Jackson shouts out, " who wants Honey butts? " and is referring to Honey Smacks! I give him the " look" and he says to me.. " what? don't you think they look like butts?" ( OMGosh!~ get me outta here)!

Frozen foods..." thank you God, we are close to check out time !" There is an argument over which popsicles to buy ! But mom wins this brand "twin pops" at $1.80 for 18 TWIN pops !

Maddy did great by staying in the shopping cart the entire time! Only misbehaved by stretching her gum about 12 inches from her mouth and playing with it.... till I took it from her !

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chance to win....

Click over to this cool blog... " The Meanest Mom " for a chance to enter & win $ 100 cash .. sponsered by Western Union ! It's a Father's Day giveaway !
Good Luck !

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Amy Introduces me to Lilly....

My very good friend from childhood, Amy came to visit me for the weekend. She has introduced me to Lilly Pulitzer. ( I had never heard of this fashion icon , I'm not very fashionable, I suppose. If I can pick up milk, paper towels and school supplies while shopping at Target... AND they have some great Tees and cargo pants or "athletic" wear for me.... hey, I am all about 1 stop shopping !) So, apparently, Lilly Pulitzer is based out of King of Prussia. Their is a boutique in the KOP mall and they hold a crazy warehouse sale bi-annually in KOP. Amy was able to meet up with a few other " Lilly fans" at the sale, whom she knew and we were able to tag along on a private tour of the LP headquarters ! That was really cool ! Seeing the process of design ! I really enjoyed catching up with Amy and will hopefully get to see her again when we visit Mobile, AL later this month ! Thanks Amy !

in case you didn't know...

This is the Story of Lilly....

in trouble now...

I am in big trouble now, knowing Lilly ! This is why ...

I'm on the prowl now for " bargain" Lilly ! I could also become an " off season " shopper to get great deals ! The warehouse had buy one get one free on childrens clothing and I was able to get Maddy 4 items at about $12.00 and $15.00 a piece ! That's awesome, considering what it retails for !

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Phillies Coaches Clinic

Jackson got to participate in a Phillies Coaches Clinic last weekend and watch the game afterwards. Here are a few pictures....