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Sunday, February 20, 2011

SERIOUSLY ! ? It's snowing here ! ?

I'm glad I knew right where the snow gear was packed, because after a week here in Olive Branch, we had seen snow for a third time... and this one was a significant snow for this area. They are not equipped for this.

This is not familiar to people here at all... a snow plow. (I snapped this photo in PA of the plow truck) . There are no salt houses here. I think there was a truck out treating the roads with brine, but I'm sure that is not plentiful here either. It's just not necessary... ( usually), but this has been an unusual Winter for the South.

The Move ...

This is what Jackson thought about moving. Why wouldn't he... he is loving life, in the fifth grade, has a lot of friends in PA, hanging out at Spring Mount Snowboarding every chance he gets ! He had the greatest teacher for 5th grade, he was involved in the student council , in the chorus, and variety show practice was about to start. And I am feeling terrible about the situation. A situation that I know we have wanted for a very long time, an opportunity to get back closer to our families , yet I am having a hard time getting excited about it. I never ever expected to have this tug at my heart like this has.

Grant & Maddy among the boxes. Amazing, it is how quickly 3 men can pack up your life and load it into a truck in 2 days ! On that morning we woke up in PA and that same night we lay our heads to rest in MS.

Jackson on the plane. The trip was great... it was a very early flight. Grant & Maddy slept during the flight. We finally get to see Olive Branch ! We finally get to see our new home and the kids new schools !