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Sunday, February 20, 2011

SERIOUSLY ! ? It's snowing here ! ?

I'm glad I knew right where the snow gear was packed, because after a week here in Olive Branch, we had seen snow for a third time... and this one was a significant snow for this area. They are not equipped for this.

This is not familiar to people here at all... a snow plow. (I snapped this photo in PA of the plow truck) . There are no salt houses here. I think there was a truck out treating the roads with brine, but I'm sure that is not plentiful here either. It's just not necessary... ( usually), but this has been an unusual Winter for the South.


Kimberly said...

Hope things look up as you get every unpacked and get a routine...maybe with spring! I love the south in the spring!

Patty S said...

hope you are getting settled in to your new home and surroundings!
and it is snowing here in PA. AGAIN. lol! :-)