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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I finally had a moment free to create! I mentioned the "21 challenge" that Rhonna hosted on her blog, She was so generous to offer her art on each of the 21 day challenges. I did not art journal this but I used an awesome idea from Heidi Swapp, click & scroll down HERE to use the challenges as reminders of my goals and the kind of person I want to be!

Also, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I have a friend who was just diagnosed and is just beginning this fight. I think I am going to send some of the inspirational quotes and words of Rhonna's along to her in this cute envelope... (another Heidi Swapp idea) some scripture verses and anything uplifting for her !

This is just for fun... We are going to Disney in a few weeks and I altered the Disney clipboard to keep all my papers, maps, vouchers, and dining details in one place. My girl Maddy will be there on her birthday ! Sooo exciting !

And finally, I have made 3 cupcakes with 2 more cut out & ready to sew! I am also going to sew a few fabric journals and maybe another item or two and can hopefully set up a store on Etsy.

I have also added to and played around with my "prayer" journal. I first blogged about HEREthen scroll down a bit. I love it ! I have alot of packets and envelopes to add to and take away and update .. always evolving ! I have jotted my personal prayer requests and song lyrics and prayers for my children, and my favorite scripture verses inside!

So, there you have it ! The surge of creativity I had been needing to find time for ! Feel much better now ! : ) Thanks for looking !

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Amazing, huh !

Just Amazing. Wanted to share. ( and still nothing creative yet. soon I hope)!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ch ch ch changes....

Changing things up a bit. Playing with my new blog banner (from Hof3) trying to tweek it in photoshop. Update is... I am failing miserably at the 21 challenge from Rhonna's blog. Should have started with small...very small changes. I'm too hopeful... beyond my abilities. I am not giving up, I still try every day ... will never give up ! Feeling overwhelmed with the way things are, fixated on a worry that I don't need to be. Wishing there were an extra eight hours in my day ! Wishing I were not sooo exhausted everyday ! I'll get it all together soon enough and have either news or relief to share with you and hopefully something creative ! ; )

Friday, September 11, 2009


After Jackson's birthday came the 1st day of school. After the kids 1st day of school came a long 4 day weekend with the Labor Day holiday. We did nothing. Really, nothing. The excitement for the day was driving thru Chick Fil A to get the free Chicken Sandwich if you were wearing a team jersey ! I am working the weekends.
I have been trying to get all the school forms filled out & returned and some organiztion to having 3 kids in school now... 4th grade, 1st grade and Maddy will start pre school next week. All of this along with 4th grade math homework has made my brain tired! I am wanting to loose myself in creating something... anything.. I am a better person whan I am creating! I am a cranky person when I have a million things I want to do but can't seem to get around to starting ! So, Rhonna Farrer has an awesome " 21 Day " challenge up on her blog.... Ronna Designs. I am trying it and it really comes in 2 parts... the challenge for the day and the art journaling . You should check it out. She is sharing some of her talent and art also along the journey.... downloads and printable images! She is Awesome !

I hope to get some art journaling done over the weekend and can post nextweek.
Have a great weekend !