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Sunday, July 29, 2007


I have been waiting for my mom to E mail the rest of the pics we took with her camera when I was there. Still no pics, so I'll move on...

CKC was here and I did not go, not even to shop the vendor fair! Annette and I went together last year when she came up for a visit. I worked this weekend, just didn't get around to going.

This is what I have been " creating".... a few " no photo" layouts, a mini album of my guys fishing this Summer, and playing catch up on my deck of me ( 4 weeks behind)! I will post images in a day or 2.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Alabama

This is My Alabama Gulf Coast ! Isn't it beautiful ! THIS is a white sand beach ! I LOVE IT!I haven't posted in a couple of weeks... my daddy came to visit, then as my in laws came to town to visit I hopped on a plane and went " home" ( my hometown) for a visit with my family, friends, shopping and dining! ( eating everything I possibly could, that I cannot get here... to satisfy my craving for a while!) My parents have a condo at the Gulf and I stayed there 1 night, my girlfriend Annette stayed there with me, we shopped at the local scrapbook store, ate at the Blue Gill we wanted to go to LuLu's but didn't make it. I had a great time! Got to visit with my nephew & sis in law. Spent time with my mom & brother! It was great for me! Re charged!

My weekend...

Me & Annette here , shopping at GiGi's in Foley. This store is HUGE!!! It was great! Got alot of ideas! I love this store, so much variety of local history & happenings! Themes such as hurricanes and Mardi Gras! Beach, hunting & fishing! I love it! It was fun shopping with you Annette! Thanks Girl!

My mom on the beach and a really cool spot to shop in Orange beach called the Warf!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th !!

I hope you had a Happy Fourh of July! I must say it is pretty cool to live in an area where so much of our Revolutionary heritage surrounds us! Independence Square in Philadelphia & Valley Forge ! The higlight of this holiday was the fireworks' display at Waltz Golf Farm! WOW!
It seemed to have lasted forever! It was spectacular! Sorry, no photos... it was raining!