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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Scary FUN ~ this was !

I found this great tutorial for making these fabric flowers. Not only this peony, but a variety of beautiful fabric flowers on Rhonna's blog. She even linked a video and the templates you will need for this project.

It was a little scary, not because of the flame, (but you'll need to exercise caution with this technique) , but scary to me because I had spent alot of thought and mental preparation, serious brain cells used in fabric ( colors) selection, and planning which piece of my day I could fit this attempt into. Whew, that's alot of energy... scary, because after all of that, I wanted it to turn out right the first time! I was so excited... when it turned out so beautiful.. yes, the first attempt ! It was so easy and fun.

I attached mine to one of those alligator clips ( hair clip ). Then cut a slit in the card I used it on... to later be removed from the special recipient and enjoyed in countless possible ways. In your hair, as a bracelet, on a sweater or shirt, on a belt. ( you'll see what I mean, when you get to Rhonna's blog post). So, I used the alligator clip, you can sew these flowers onto anything, you could use a pin to attach it to .

and .... Voila ! I can't wait to make a bunch more ! I am going to stitch some onto a few t shirts ! Headbands and hair clips for my daughter ! Such a great gift idea for girls... so pretty !

I should post something !

Don't you love that catchy phrase from the Mastercard commercial ...
" LIFE COMES AT YOU FAST " and it certainly does ! Spring has been busy with ( as I mentioned before ) the school's variety show that the boys participated in and all 3 of them are playing ball this year. I am so ready for a break.

Jackson did an individual act to the Addam's Family theme song.

Jackson also joined his 4th grade level act.

Grant in the 1st grade level act. This was so cute to the theme of " Happy Days "