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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Scary FUN ~ this was !

I found this great tutorial for making these fabric flowers. Not only this peony, but a variety of beautiful fabric flowers on Rhonna's blog. She even linked a video and the templates you will need for this project.

It was a little scary, not because of the flame, (but you'll need to exercise caution with this technique) , but scary to me because I had spent alot of thought and mental preparation, serious brain cells used in fabric ( colors) selection, and planning which piece of my day I could fit this attempt into. Whew, that's alot of energy... scary, because after all of that, I wanted it to turn out right the first time! I was so excited... when it turned out so beautiful.. yes, the first attempt ! It was so easy and fun.

I attached mine to one of those alligator clips ( hair clip ). Then cut a slit in the card I used it on... to later be removed from the special recipient and enjoyed in countless possible ways. In your hair, as a bracelet, on a sweater or shirt, on a belt. ( you'll see what I mean, when you get to Rhonna's blog post). So, I used the alligator clip, you can sew these flowers onto anything, you could use a pin to attach it to .

and .... Voila ! I can't wait to make a bunch more ! I am going to stitch some onto a few t shirts ! Headbands and hair clips for my daughter ! Such a great gift idea for girls... so pretty !

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ladybug said...

Hey, that's my birthday card. I love my flower...and everything else. Angel, you are the best.