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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Prayer Journals . . . give away !

I have wanted a Donna Downey " Inspiration Journal " for a long time now, but didn't want to pay $42.00 for one ! (sorry Donna). This is the first project I wanted to sew when I got my machine! And, here you have it... Some Amy Butler and Heather Bailey fabrics, which I find irrestable, and some pages to create a prayer journal!
At least this is what mine will be! I have given my SIL one as a gift, made hers kind of an " all about me " book !

So, here's the scoop on the contest: I just finished 4 of these. Two are gifts and one of them I plan to keep as my prayer journal! If you leave me a comment referencing a favorite verse of scripture , I will have my Grant randomly pick a winner and the 4th journal is yours ! Good Luck ! Will post the winner on Friday, May 1st ! Oh, and right now, my favorite verse is :
Be Still, and know that I am God... Psalm 46:10
Got more fabric... next round ( maybe)...

a treat & a peak...

Posting a sewing project... want to make more of these ! How stinkin cute would a set of four " mini " fabric cupcakes be... for my girl Maddy to play " Tea Party "
with ! You see, I have been sewing ! I even have a dress pattern cut out... for Maddy ! And, I mentioned a RAK in a previous post. Here is a sneak Peak of what I will post more pics of on Friday and give one away... but there is a catch... You have to leave me a comment ! : ) So check in on Friday and I will post a winner on the following Friday ...( is it already...) MAY 1st !

Growing a flower... building a butterfly !

This is my challenge completed... Patty from MPCo challenged readers to "Grow a Flower" from MPCo papers... See details HERE
To my pretty flower, I added a butterfly ! Loved this challenge ! I love how Patty is always thinking "outside the box" ... so creative & Inspiring ! There is also a sneak peak of what's to come from MPCo make sure to check that out too !

Happy Earth Day !

Stop & consider God's Wonders.
Job 37:14

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Variety Show & Base Ball Games...

Slideshow of Jackson's 3rd grade group's act in the Variety Show.... " Shake ya tailfeather" My boy is the 3rd from the left guitar player ! It was a great show! This is the first year Jackson participated ! Alot of hard work from these kids & the parents who organized each group act, from kidgergarten to fifth ! The theme of the entire show was " Rock N Roll" and each group had to choose an artist/ band who has been inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame... and Ray Charles sings the song chosen by third grade and it happens to be in a Blues Brother's movie! ( See youtube clip below)....

Now, onto baseball games. It was a gorgeous weekend for being outdoors! Both my guys play on the " Pirates" but different divisions.

Now... I am staying up late tonight to finish sewing project & post pics next ... thinking about a RAK...check back soon !

Friday, April 17, 2009

" Twist It" ....

Jackson is in his school's " Variety Show " tonight ! His 3rd grade group will perform this sketch from a "Blues Brothers" movie ! I'll get pics posted sometime over the weekend ( I hope)...We all know the " twist " , but who can do the watusi? or the mashed potatoe? how about the boney maroney or the boogaloo ! Do the swim ! Now do the bird !Let me see you shake your tail feathers !
The show is tonight, 2 baseball games and a birthday party tomorrow and church on Sunday.... I hope to post pics this w/e ! I am finishing up my fabric projects... and trying to also sew a dress for Maddy ! I will post this very soon too ! Check back... Have a great weekend ! We're warming up to the 70's here this weekend !

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Promo & Blog Challenge.... this one's very unique!

If you have not found Marks Paper Company and their beautiful premier paper lines , you need to grab a few sheets soon and take this awesome challenge... there is an opportunity to win a collection of both lines.... Check this out... HERE
I think I'm going to give it a try... this very unique challenge! Thanks Patty! If you are into digital... Marks Paper Co also has digi kits available too! Some very talented ladies on both design teams... paper & digital , endless inspiration! Oh, so these are also available as a gift for download... for a limited time! So, get over to the site and read more about it all ! MPCo

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter ...

Grant & Madelyn before we left for church this morning. I love her "princess gloves" ( she calls them)... got them at the Target dollar spot.. I love how they look with her dress... This was a "quick pic" because it was pretty cool here today!

After church we stopped by a park to snap a few more pics. It was really windy & much cooler by now! Beautiful day, but sooo chilly !

Then later we hunted eggs at another park. Why is it always colder at the " park" ... play park, ball park, amusement park, than in your front yard? We didn't stay out too long here either. Call us wimps, if you will. It was so sunny & beautiful today, but too windy & cold ! I'm ready for warm Spring weather ! Hope you all had a Blessed Easter today ! Did I mention how cold it was here today !

Friday, April 10, 2009

Here's a " Tip" for ya ....

I just found this awesome site... that lists bloggers who are having " give a ways" on their blog or website.... really cool . And if you want to list on their directory, I think it is free and will attract more visitors to your blog! Check it out ! CLICK HERE... and I also have it on the sidebar after people & Places!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


last month, I was in a painting mood... this is what came of it... This month , I love that I am sewing now... a few projects checked off my list, and will post pics soon of what I made!

I have had laryngitis for 4 days now ! Impossible to "rest" my voice with 3 kids who constantly call out " mom" MO------------M ! MOM ! who will not come find you only keep calling louder & louder when I TRY not to answer! I keep telling them , as though it is not obvious.. " I've lost my voice" or " I'm loosing my voice" and today my Maddy girl says to me.... " Mom, have you found your boice yet? " and
"Mom, I know you really want to find your boice" ... this makse me smile ! : )