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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Move ...

This is what Jackson thought about moving. Why wouldn't he... he is loving life, in the fifth grade, has a lot of friends in PA, hanging out at Spring Mount Snowboarding every chance he gets ! He had the greatest teacher for 5th grade, he was involved in the student council , in the chorus, and variety show practice was about to start. And I am feeling terrible about the situation. A situation that I know we have wanted for a very long time, an opportunity to get back closer to our families , yet I am having a hard time getting excited about it. I never ever expected to have this tug at my heart like this has.

Grant & Maddy among the boxes. Amazing, it is how quickly 3 men can pack up your life and load it into a truck in 2 days ! On that morning we woke up in PA and that same night we lay our heads to rest in MS.

Jackson on the plane. The trip was great... it was a very early flight. Grant & Maddy slept during the flight. We finally get to see Olive Branch ! We finally get to see our new home and the kids new schools !

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