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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Art in the Valley.....

This week is the district wide Art show. Grant had a piece of his artwork selected to be on display this year ! Very exciting ! So, we headed up to the High School to check it all out !

This is his Piece. There is an incredible amount of talent displayed here. Jackson was very impressed by the graphic design pieces!

Jackson being inspired.... I am suspecting we will see some form of skateboard art around our house soon.

Jackson also had a class project selected to be on display at the district office. This is his Native American project. The district sends letters out announcing that "your child's work" has been selected.... and that is really neat to see their response and I am always so proud to admire their abilities !


The Burga Family said...

Congratulations to both Grant and Jackson! You've done well passing along your artistic abilities. ☺Bravo!

Annette said...

Way to go boys!

Patty S said...

wonder where they inherited their artistic ablilites from???????
you should be proud!