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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Impossible !

February is not a good month for me. Never do I gain weight during the holiday months of November/December, when most people do. I always start the New Year with a 'binge" ! I don't foresee losing weight until after February! Let me explain,
FIRST Girl Scout Cookies are in !

Last weekend, after Jackson's basketball game, 3 boxes of girl Scout cookies came home with us ! By the end of that day, only a few cookies were left, of the low fat variety ! ( Who wants a low fat Girl Scout cookie!?). While the kids did enjoy the cookies too, I must admit to eating more than I should have of the yummy chocolate, coconut, and caramel ones!
SECOND It is coming up on the Mardi Gras Carnival season in Mobile , AL
( my hometown and home the original of the Mardi Gras). My husband's aunt Jeannie ships us a cream cheese filled King Cake ! Last year I had my mom ship me one! This is a bad thing because, well, I will eat most of the large surgared cake myself, with little help from the kids and Billy! yep, packin' on the pounds !

The King Cake commemorates the journey of the 3 kings to find the Holy Baby Jesus. It is decorated in carnival colors Green for FAITH, yellow for POWER and purple for JUSTICE. Atlanta Bread Company in Mobile makes the best. Sorry... no Atlanta Bread Company will know what you are talking about here in PA if you ask for a King Cake.
however, I did see a Kingcake at a " Great Harvest" Bread Co in Wayne, PA !
and LASTLY... in only about 25 days till " Fat Tuesday" ( yes, it is named appropriatly !) Here in PA , Fat Tuesday is celebrated by consuming " Fastnachts" on this day ! What is a " Fastnacht " ? Alabama readers ask.. think of a beignet from New Orleans " Cafe Du Monde" .It is a fatty doughnut treat served traditionally on Fastnacht Day, the day before Lent starts. Fasnachts were produced as a way to empty the pantry of lard, sugar, fat and butter, which were forbidden during Lent.

So, I end my post saying to all my PA friends, join me in storing fat for the remaining months of Winter and we'll think about losing the weight in the Spring sometime! To my Girls in Mobile, AL ... Sorry, but my advise to you is watch what you eat... don't touch that King Cake and leave the Girl Scout cookies alone or you will NOT fit into your Mardi Gras Ball gowns ! Have a good weekend!


K said...

LOL! Love your post...I have never had a king cake...will have to one day. Guess I need to get out of North Alabama a!

Rachael said...

Macy is in her first year of Brownies so it's her first year selling cookies. I have several boxes on my dining room table, out of sight! lol

Mmmmm, fastnachts!! I need to make my grandmom's recipe this year!! There are none like hers and thankfully she gave us the recipe before she died!!

Mmm, mmmm, good!!