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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our " Stay~cation" in PA

So, this year our " vacation " was a trip " home " to Alabama over the Summer. Not what I would call a vacation... it's always a very rushed visit with as much friends and family you can arrange to see, not to mention the long drive ( 18hours+ over the course of 2 days). Exhausting, but nice to see everyone we miss so much and the kids have a blast doing all that they get to do there! So, last weekend my brother in law
and S I L and nephew, Justin made there way up here for a visit. She has family in Jersey, and they skipped on over to see us before driving back to Alabama. We went to Valley Forge, Knoebels amusement park, and showed them our Perkiomen Creek & trails. It was a nice visit. Comical, because we always go to Valley Forge, it has been a favorite place of ours since we have lived here...always amazed by the deer that inhabit the park. When we think of VF, we think of all the deer, then George Washington, the Memorial Arch, the battles and... oh yeah, sledding in the Winter ! So, I think it is funny, the photo of my family in front of the cabins... we've seen a million times ! I posted slideshows below of the " Stay~cation" Enjoy ! We still have a little over a week before school starts back !

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