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Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Night Football

Eagles are playing Dallas Cowboys tonight... always makes for an interesting game
with TO's antics ! Of course my boys had to wear the jersey to school today ! I found out Jackson's 1st grade year , that a Philadelphia Eagles jersey is a staple item when going back to school shopping! These fans here are die hard... crazy fans!


scrappermimi said...

The men in my house were in their Eagles garb too!

To bad they couldn't pull it out!

NancyJones said...

GIYULL you should have seen us watching the Auburn/mississippi state game OMGOSH it was so tense I was yellin at the tv john was laughin at me and Bella was scared ROFLMAO we won 3 to 2 now what kind a football score is that!!!!

Patty S said...

look how cute they are!!!!
(ben loves to wear his phillies shirt)
patty :-)

Annette said...

So cute! That's the same Eagle we use for SDS stuff!!! I'm lovin' Maddy in her pink gear!