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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

No Photo !

Man, There's so much I want to do... IDEAS... and scrambling just to get them done before I forget and before my brain goes numb and I sink into another slump! Here are 2 photo-less

Layouts. I recite this prayer so much, I have been wanting it in some form or fashion hanging on my wall , but just never purchased a plaque as such, then it came to me... duh! Just create it myself. I don't LOVE LOVE it, but it's a start and I can just do another when I have more ideas

of what I would change about it.... SERENITY PRAYER. Then , going the other way completely.... This is a fun little 9x9 LO inspired by a little cocktail napkin I picked up at my mom's house during my visit.... I love what it says and I love a good " tropical drink" ( little umbrella icluded!) Enjoy!

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Didi said...

How cute!! Love the Happy hour one...I am going to have to look closer at napkins from now on!

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